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By means of this utility it is possible
to perform any thinkable conversion between
the 'Softcam.key' (Yankse, s2emu, Emunation,
vPlug, Dreambox), 'Keys.bin' (CAPi, Humax,
Samsung), and 'Keylist' (Newcamd, CardSharing
Client 'Easy.keys', PSoftcam) file formats.

Newly supported are the Diablocam 'KEYS.XML'
formats, and the Camd3 'Camd3.keys' (Dreambox)
file formats. Also newly supported is the
possibility to generate decimal data for
manually changing CAM/emulator keys by remote
control, as well as a printing possibility.

1.) Use:
a.) 'File'->'Open'->'Keys.bin',
b.) 'File'->'Open'->'Keys.xml',
c.) 'File'->'Open'->'Softcam.key',
d.) 'File'->'Open'->'Keylist',
d.) 'File'->'Open'->'Camd3.keys', or
e.) 'File'->'Internet open',
to open any available source file.
2.) Select the output format of a
'Keys.bin' file by means of
'Options'->'New Humax binary file
a.) Checked: 17 Nagra providers and
16 Crypto providers support
(HoT 7.5 or higher),
b.) Unchecked: 5 Nagra providers and
no Crypto support (CAPi or up to
HoT 7.0).
3.) Save the key data to either:
a.) a 'Keys.bin' file by means of
'File'->'Save'->'Keys.bin', or
b.) a 'Keys.xml' file by means of
'File'->'Save'->'Keys.xml', or
c.) a 'Softcam.key' file by means of
'File'->'Save'->'Softcam.key', or
d.) a 'Keylist' file by means of
'File'->'Save'->'Keylist', or
e.) a 'Camd3.keys' file by means of
4.) Generate decimal data by means of
'Options'->'Convert to decimal', or
print data by means of 'File'->'Print'.

That's all, ENJOY !!!



In case of error messages at startup, (re)place
the appropriate supplied component(s) in your
Windows system directory
(Windows 98: 'C:\Windows\System',
Windows 2000/XP:'C:\Windows\System32').

Try registering them if the problem persists.
How to do:

"c:\>regsvr32.exe" "<path>\<component>"

(Specify the correct path for the component,
use quotes if one of the arguments contains spaces)


Version history:

* Initial version.

* Increased conversion speed 'Softcam.key'
into 'Keys.bin' (approx. 2x)
* Bugfixes:
- Centration About dialog (Center Owner
instead of Center Screen),
- 'Softcam.key' Conax key string handling
(for 128 byte strings, correction of
MOD and EXP order) NB: is implemented
as follows now:
> EXP->MOD for 2x64 byte key string
(most common)
> MOD->EXP for 1x128 byte key string

* For conversion 'Softcam.key' into
'Keys.bin', DigiKabel Irdeto support added.
* Bugfixes:
- Showup of 'critical' messageboxes on
'File'->'Open'->'Cancel', as well as
choice 'overwrite?'->'No' fixed,
- Correction of key index upper limit
for conversion of 'Softcam.key'
into 'Key.bin' (indexes 10 and 11 for
Irdeto and Seca keys are allowed now).
- Replaced 'NL' and 'NED' for Irdeto
ProvID 055F00 recognition by 'C+'
and 'CANAL+' (more common).

* Internet URL added.
* Bugfix:
- Correction implementation of '404' error
(pages with occurence of '200' in header
are allowed only, pages having '403' type
error are rejected now as well)

* URL update (one correction),
* Bugfix:
- Fix for non plain text type URL pages
(testing Content-Type is implemented, pages having no
'text/plain' or 'application/octet-stream' value for
'Content-Type' in header -typically text/html-
are rejected now).

* Support added for 'Easy.keys' file format, among others
as used by Card Sharing Client (CSC) and PSoftCam
'SS2 type' plugins.
* Conax key index range extended. Key indexes 24, 25, 26,
and 27 are considered as valid, and being processed now.
* Bugfixes:
- Bugfixes in conversion routines. Conversion is 'less
critical' to errors in a 'softcam.key' source file now
(typically non terminated lines or keys being to long),
as well as to errors in a 'keys.bin' source file
(are being tested more strictly on file rules now,
resulting in fewer error handling events),
- Correction for conax keys format. In all cases, the
parameter order is being implemented as EXP->MOD now,
this applies to keys either consisting of 2x64 bytes,
or of 1x128 bytes (previously, Cardmanie used a 1x128
byte format with MOD->EXP order. Unfortunately,
conax key formats aren't always consistent among
different sources).

* Support added for 'Downloader.txt' file format, as used by
the 'Downloader' utility from D.O.P.S.C..
* Bugfix:
- Compiled with 'P-code' option, resulting in considerably
reduced .exe filesize.

* URL update (rdi-sat link added),
* Support for Emukeys (Emunation plugin) style Conax keys
added (now, an Emukeys.key file can be processed in the
same way as a Softcam.key file, where the extended data is
ignored, while conax keysets are being processed as well),
* Support for more TPS AES key styles added (more different
source file styles are accepted, and processed properly
now -mujweb.cz and emukeys style, among others-),
* Bugfixes:
- In 'Downloader.txt' saving routine, correction of a
failure in processing conax keys, typically in case
of SINGLE Nagra keys present :-)) (a bug in a conax
keycounter routine caused this issue),
- Improvement of processing Conax keysets in Softcam.key
file (are tested more strictly, and are processed more
securely now, resulting in less errors in file conversion,
as well as applications using converted files, typically
'Downloader.txt' files),
- In case of double Nagra provider IDs present, now, the
information of the LARGEST ID will be kept, in case of
conversion into a 'Keys.bin' file (previous versions kept
the SMALLEST provider ID keys, some applications, for
example CAPi, require the largest provider ID data; this
will fix Polsat in some cases, for example).

* Bugfixes:
- For conversion to 'Downloader.txt', the LARGEST of a
specific Nagra provider ID will be kept now, consistent
to conversion into 'Keys.bin'.

* Cryptoworks support added,
* Nagravision Aladin support added,
* Support for new 'Keys.bin' file style added:
a.) Reading: the number of Nagra and Crypto providers
present, as well as the correct start location of the
keys, are auto detected,
b.) Writing: the output format is selectable
(old/new style).
* Nagra RSA support added,
* Newcamd 'Keylist' (previously 'Easy.keys') Viaccess2
(16 bytes keys) suppport added,
* Camd3 'Camd3.keys' support added,
* Diablocam 'Keys.xml' support added,
* Displaying comments in case of conversion from 'Keys.bin',
'Keys.xml', 'Keylist', and 'Camd3.keys' file formats added,
* Printer support added,
* Conversion to decimal values support added,
* Bugfixes:
- Checksum 'Keys.bin' file (uploading to Humax should occur
without error message now),
- Displaying of meaningless Conax keys (00 .. .. 00, and
FF .. .. FF are ignored now),
- C+NL Irdeto support removed, replaced by Optus (Aurora),
- Unknown Irdeto providers (ORF, and Optus are
processed/displayed now only),
- More TPS AES key styles added, as well as ignoring multiple
AES keys,
- Internet URL update.
* Notes:
a.) 'Easy.keys' file is compatible with Newcamd 'Keylist'
file, NOT with Camd3 'Camd3.keys' file !!!
b.) Humax 'Keys.bin' file, and Newcamd 'Keylist' file
do NOT support extended RSA data !!!
c.) Diablocam, and Humax 'Keys.bin' files are NOT
compatible !!!
d.) As a result of the loss of some of my sources,
'Downloader.txt' is no longer being supported. I hope
all additions of this version will have made that up,
sorry for this...