MACH BOOT - a Linux Live CD that boots in 10 seconds

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    MACH BOOT is an experimental CD booting technology with the goal of getting very fast booting with x48 CD-ROM drive.


    1. Booting very fast, usually within 10 secs from x48 CD-ROM drive.

    2. Launching apps is also fast. Almost same as from HDD.

    3. Customizable. You can make it "MACH" with any distribution,
    including your original one.

    4. (Hopefully) Better PnP than KNOPPIX.

    Concept and Programming : Okajima, Jun.
    Special Thanks : All people of LazyFS and tmpfs, Especially Dr. Thomas Leonard.

    Apreciação da DistroWatch:

    When Jun Okajima emailed me in April this year and asked me whether I'd be interested in beta testing his live CD, I was about to decline. I have barely enough time to keep up with 350+ distributions listed on DistroWatch, so there was no way I could possibly slot in any serious beta testing in between my normal work. But there was something in the email that suggested that was unlike any other live CD I'd seen before - it was built to boot into a full graphical desktop in as little as 10 seconds! :nono2:

    The claim piqued my curiosity. I remember the last time I booted the KNOPPIX live DVD it took more than 5 minutes to get from the boot prompt to KDE. And although many live CDs available today boot much faster than that, none of them gets anywhere near the 10 second claim made by the developer of MACH BOOT. Needless to say, I did sign up for the (non-public) beta test, then waited with anticipation for the first live CD to download. Finally, after some 5 months of testing, the project released the first public ISO image demonstrating the new "mach boot" technology.

    Although the CD never managed the promised 10 seconds on any of my test systems, the boot speeds were nevertheless impressive. On my 6-year old Pentium 4 box it takes 17 seconds to get from the GRUB boot prompt to the IceWM window manager. On the much newer Toshiba Satellite with Intel Dual Core T2300 processor the same takes 22 seconds. Mr Okajima himself has succeeded in reducing the boot speed on his test system to 10 seconds, while one of the beta testers apparently claimed that his machine was able to boot in astonishing 7.22 seconds! Besides booting, the CD also sets up the Ethernet card and xorg.conf, using the proper X driver (rather than vesa).

    MACH BOOT is based on Debian and uses kernel 2.6.16. The graphical subsystem is powered by X.Org 7.0 and, as mentioned above, the window manager is IceWM (1.2.28). Besides the usual Debian tools and a handful of simple utilities, the only other software package worth mentioning is Mozilla Firefox (version

    I emailed Mr Okajima, asking him about the licence, availability of source code and status of patents (if any), but he declined to answer any of these questions: "These issues are being discussed with my business partners at this very moment. The answers will only be published after all negotiations are concluded." The developer of the MACH BOOT CD made it clear that he intended to monetise his invention in one way or another and was currently looking into various options. But aside from the business prospects of the project, one thing is clear - MACH BOOT, from a purely technological point of view, is a remarkable achievement. It is simply the fastest booting live CD by a considerable margin.

    More information:


    Teste de um utilizador à velocidade de arranque (só demorou 7,11 segundos !!!!!!!!!)


    Download (241Mb):

    Known Issues:

    Can't mount CD:
    Only IDE(PATA) drive is supported for now.
    If you use SATA, wait until the next release.
    Detection from multiple drives is also a bit unstable.
    Try FIXED_PROBE=hdc ( or FIXED_PROBE=hda or..).
    And, try "Safe" mode.
    In short, I have not checked well PCs except having
    one IDE(PATA) drive. But, most PCs are this type. Dont you?
    Adding cheat codes:
    Hit Tab key when an ISOLINUX menu comes.
    Web renderer:
    Use this.
    Dont forget to add "http://", when you are using IE.

    This software is under development and totally no guarantee. Use it at your own risk.
  2. DragUnder

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    Novo link para download (mirror mais rápido):

  3. bokanet

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    Gracias. Habra que probarlo.
    Un saludo
  4. DragUnder

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    Já mais alguém experimentou o MACH BOOT??

    Cada vez que o testo fico impressionado. É realmente uma coisa fabulosa ver um OS LINUX a carregar em tão poucos segundos.

    Fónix. Este gajo merecia um prémio.
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