Nabilo 0.12 !

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  1. kokota

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    Hi all, i´m having this problem
    I have a local jsc+ card on an ubuntu server, when using any gemini image any version i have the whole jsc+ bouquet from 1 till 8
    as soon using the nabilo image it doesn´t matter which version , some jsc chanels are black .
    actual problem : nabilo 0.12 , i did new channel scan , new bouquet jsc+
    i have jsc+1 ..... jsc+8

    jsc+1 jsc+3 and jsc+4 no picture just black tv screen , the cccaminfo says

    isn v co bc cw dc nds static cw ca hops : 0 ecm sec : 0.0004

    jsc+2 .. 5, 6, 7 and jsc+8 work fine , says

    isn v co bc cw dc nds cccam-s2s hops : 1 ecm sec : 0.155

    please help, thanks