Openpli 6.0 VU+ Duo2

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    Openpli 6.0-rc- VU+ Duo2 - 20170701

    New features:

    • Changed menu structure and reintroduce user levels. Default is basic.

    • Remove any (default) cam from the setup wizard. Let the user decide if, and if yes which cam to use.
    • Upgrade Gstreamer version to 1.12.1
    • Center DVB subtitles per service (which also solve the 'destroyed' subtitles on some services e.g. ARD, ZDF)
    • New ECM info screen that includes provider IDs (at menu->about->serviceInfo->green)

    • Multistream support for DVB-S2X tuners
    • Pluginbrowser - Allow two digit number selection in plugins. - When you are in the Plugin browser menu and want to use the 11th plugin, you can press 11 to open the 11th plugin directly.
    • Default the bouquet numbering is changed to Alternative numbering mode. - To alter this, go to user interface and set Alternative number mode to no.

    Notice to HDMI-CEC users:
    By default the HDMI-CEC option is turned off. If you want to use the HDMI-CEC function...

    1. Go to Menu->Setup->System->Customize
    2. Put the Setup mode to Advanced and press green (OK)
    3. Select Audio / Video->HDMI-CEC setup and Enable the function.

    Notice to Autobackup users:
    This tool can only be used when no major upgrade has been done in Enigma eg. OpenPLi 4 backup and restore with OpenPLi 6.0.


    majoju, JuizDidi e vuufather gostam disto.
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    Your health and your health
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    WTF ... OFF TOPIC!:mad:


    Nota: Isso é algum problema que tenhas na STB, relacionado com o tópico?
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    Obrigado vou colocar na minha.
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    muito obrigado vou experimentar esta.
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