The Gemini2 Project 3.00 DM7025

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  1. use your illusion

    use your illusion Membro Digital

    The Gemini2 Project 3.00 DM7025

    Gemini2 v3.00:

    Technical Infos:
    * Engima from: 09.08.2007
    * GCC 4.1.1 Original CVS
    * Kernel
    * Busybox 1.0.1
    * Tuxtxt 1.95
    * CIFS 1.44

    Function Buttons:
    * BLUE - Blue Panel (BP)
    * long BLUE -> PiP
    * 2x BLUE - BP -> Extras/Settings
    * RED - Record
    * GREEN - Subservices
    * Yellow - Timeshift

    * Own Addon-Server via internet.
    * Downloading and installation of additional features via internet from Gemini server.
    * Use your own Personal addon server (configure it in /etc/useraddon.xml).
    * Create your own Satellites.xml which only includes the satellites you need.

    * Assign of different Camd's to Stations/Providers (AutoCam).
    * Change of the name and different functions over own menu.

    Daemon / Server / Clients:
    * Dreambox can be used as printserver (BP->Device Settings->Printer (LPD), FAQs in the database).
    * Dropbear (ssh) now switchable (BP->Extras->SSH).
    * Upnp Server / Client
    * automount, examples in /etc/automount.conf. Devices, NFS or CIFS get automatically mounted. Ideally for DVD- or Net- Drives (Editor can be found at BP->Extras->Automount).
    * Inadyn (Daemon for various DYNDNS-Services).
    * little Apache (HTTP-Server based on HTTPD).
    * NFS-Server (based on the NFS-Kernel-Modul).

    Infobar / OSD:
    * Provider and Sattelite will be showed in the Infobar (depends on the skin).
    * EMM, ECM or "ExpertInfos" Display switchable.
    * Picon (displays the station logo)
    * Showing Onlinestatus when the Box is connected to the Internet (must be activated in the BP -> Extras/Settings/Online)

    Files / Devices:
    * Support for CDROM/DVD no matter ift it is IDE ur USB
    * HDD- temperature and performance visible in the menu.
    * HDPARM values for harddisks disk can be changed by menu.
    * SWAP setup and start automatically.

    * Dreamnetcast (shoutcast-player) with Streamripper (direct recording from server and coding into mp3´s).
    * Weather Plugin with 10 days forecast.
    * RSS/RDF reader with TOP list from RSS-scout.
    * Webcam-Viewer with FullScreen mode.
    * bell (plays mp3s on a fixed time)
    * System Info: Many extra box infos like stream-rates, kernel-, memory- and prozessinfos.
    * Own Scripts can be started via Blue Panel.
    * Kernel modules can be reload separately.
    * Password can be changed over the menu.
    * EPG Cache and EPG Refresh (updates the EPG in the night) adjustable over BP.
    * flashing clock when recording in standby.
    * Calendar for the iCalendar format + Reminder (supported by MAC, KDE, Thunderbird, Google calendar, Rainlendar…) , Standard-folder is /etc/ical.

    * Spinner (response time now adjustable, 0 is off).
    * eTorrent - a torrent client based on ctorrent. Can be managed completly over the OSD
    * ECM-Expert now using a seperate window
    * Changed the addon routines. There will be a perview available by many addons and skins (due to the new structure of the addons we also did the version jump)
    Fix + Updates:
    * see CVS

    This Images doesn't contain any keys or softcams.
    Backups or other modified Images are not from us
    and won't be supported!

  2. speedysat

    speedysat Membro Iniciado

    Image ?

    Ola eu so queria saber qual é a melhor Image para a minha DreamBox 7025S a 2.40 ou 3.00:dash1:
  3. use your illusion

    use your illusion Membro Digital

    Ora bem, depois de fazeres a apresentação e aceitares as regras, sugiro que testes uma e outra, pois a melhor imagem para mim, poderá não o ser para ti...terá sempre a ver com a utilização que lhe vais dar e/ou as caracteristicas que procuras numa imagem.

    PS: sê bem vindo ao forum
  4. speedysat

    speedysat Membro Iniciado

    Desculpa acho que tenho que reformolar a pergunta,ou seja qual a melhor gemeni2 v3.00 ou 2.40 para a DB 7025 e ja agora a melhor EMM´s para Premiere tvc*** D* etc evocamd-2.16;MGcamd;Newcs1.30? , desde ja o meu muito OBRIGADO por responder rapidamente estou a gostar deste Forum tenho procurado solucoes em foruns Alemaes e nada...espero poder comunicar ``consigo´´ outra ves.:icon_good:
  5. Sly

    Sly Developer

    não precisavas de ter reformolado a pergunta, basta ires apresentar-te e aceitares as regras nos forums respectivos.
    as evocamd, mgcamd, newcs são tudo CAMs (Control Access Module) e não EMM. EMM's são comandos que os providers mandam para os cartões para realizarem determinadas operações nos clientes como actualizações de chaves etc. Aqueles software's que disseste são simplesmente emuladores de CAM's. Mas uma coisa de cada vez...
    speedysat gosta disto.
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