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  1. Outlaw64

    Outlaw64 Membro Digital

    Welcome to the New Server

    The old Server was getting smaller by the moment, this is the main reason why we changed.

    The New Server offers a bigger capacity, so make the best of it and enjoy.

    Don´t forget to follow the rules.

    If you have any doubts or questions about the forum´s maintenance, please report here.

    centurionX e Polar Bear gostam disto.
  2. dinho

    dinho Membro Digital

  3. sat_rrstm

    sat_rrstm Membro Iniciado


    Congratulations on the new forum,but I have some objections on your international members treatment regarding the language.
    How could I understand the e-mails I received on this forum changes,when they all where in Portuguese language,even the links to the anouncements were all in Portuguese????
    How can I participate in technical matters about receivers,CAMs,etc,when everything new is discussed and presented only in Portuguese???


  4. gala

    gala Membro Iniciado

    thanks for the registration.
    As I am noty at all understanding Portugese, is it possibloe to have more English text?
  5. sat_rrstm

    sat_rrstm Membro Iniciado

    This place looks like a pure Portuguese one,no place for international members...
  6. Outlaw64

    Outlaw64 Membro Digital


    As you can understand this site is portuguese and was made by portuguese people.
    As you should know it is impossible all question and answers translated to English, that is why we created this thread so you can discuss among each other your inquieries.
    If you have any doubts our questions about satelites or other subjects addressed in this forum please post them here and I´m sure someone will try to help answer them.

  7. Outlaw64

    Outlaw64 Membro Digital


    This is the place for International members (English ones).
    As I posted before, you can ask your quieries here and I´m sure someone will help.

  8. dempsey

    dempsey Membro Iniciado

    Hi !

    I´m from Slovakia and i love Florikey.:icon_good::thumbup::haker:DanceDiscoBoogie
  9. hooli

    hooli Membro Digital

    Hello people
  10. XzibitX

    XzibitX Membro Digital


    :pcguru::pcguru:i agree l:Whistling::Whistling:
  11. perthkenny

    perthkenny Membro Iniciado

    Hello and thank you. Florikey Alert.

    Thanks for the message.
    Can you pass on a message to Florikey Admin.? I use v4.2beta. Today last D+key at 18.21 is the same as the old (expired) key. So it doesn't work!
  12. Outlaw64

    Outlaw64 Membro Digital


    Thank you for reporting the problem, but we are already aware.

    We are trying to fix it and hope it works soon.

  13. Reisat

    Reisat Membro Iniciado

    thanks for the registration.
  14. stripes

    stripes Membro Digital

    Great forum thansk to the admin fo this great layout etc.
  15. Bradwall

    Bradwall Membro Iniciado

    The new forum is looking good.:thumbup:
    Regards Bradwall
  16. stripes

    stripes Membro Digital

    Welcome to all.
  17. eses

    eses Membro Iniciado

    Nice forum, nice florikey. :icon_good:
  18. Dexy

    Dexy Membro Iniciado


    Great website but lack of language packs :D
    if u need assistance with serbian / portugal / english
    please contact me
  19. centurionX

    centurionX Membro Iniciado

    Nice Job!!!:thumbup:
  20. bloodstone1964

    bloodstone1964 Membro Iniciado


    :icon_good:hi guys northeast uk here football mad poor me lol just thought i would say hello to you guys
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