ZON em Angola com Eutelsat

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    Segundo a BroadbandTVnews, a ZON terá já assinado contrato com a Eutelsat para dar inicio às transmissões para Angola.

    ZON Zaps Eutelsat

    Eutelsat has signed a contract with Upstar Comunicações for broadcasting the Zap pay-TV platform, expected to launch shortly in Angola.

    Upstar Comunicações is a joint venture between ZON Multimedia, one of the leading Portuguese media groups and the Angolan group SOCIP. The five-year contract covers the lease of five Ku-band transponders on the Southern Africa beam of Eutelsat’s W7 satellite which began operational service in January this year.

    Zap will assemble channels in Portuguese, including high definition. It will include a Max package of 50 channels and a Premium package of 80 channels with a mix of channels featuring TV series, films, music, children’s programmes, news, sports and documentaries.

    Content for Zap will be uplinked to Eutelsat’s W7 satellite from Upstar’s teleports, in Luanda and in Vendas Novas, Portugal. The W7 African beam will enable reception across Angola with small antennas. User equipment will include a 60-cm dish connected to decoders equipped with Nagravision encryption and a HD-DVR with 250 hours of storage capacity. To optimise bandwidth usage, channels will be broadcast in DVB-S2 with MPEG4 compression.

    “With Eutelsat’s W7 satellite now on stream, we are equipped with perfectly suited in-orbit resources for the launch of ZAP, the Angolan pay-TV platform able to address households nationwide with state-of-the-art technology.” said Nuno Aguiar, CEO of ZAP, in a statement. “Eutelsat’s W7 satellite meets our precise requirements for building a pay-TV network across Angola using small consumer terminals. The availability of this powerful new satellite marks a critical step forward towards the launch of a compelling new product in the audiovisual landscape.”

    Olivier Milliès-Lacroix, Eutelsat’s Commercial Director, responded: “This new contract underscores the continuing dynamic of digital television across sub-Saharan Africa. The high-power African beams on our new W7 satellite represent a substantial asset for broadcasters operating in these markets, providing the means to extend their service and audience reach in Africa and meeting growing consumer demand for an enhanced television experience. We are delighted to welcome ZAP onto W7 and to accompany the development of a new player in Angola’s broadcasting market.”

    Source: BroadbandTVnews
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    se vão utlizar o W7, vai apanhar-se cá perfeitamente.
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    Colega, tas enganado, vai estar no eutelsat w7 36° mas no feixo para sul do sahara ,em portugal so se apanha o feixo eurasia , deixo aqui o endereco da eutelsat.... fica bem.:D
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    E o feixe da Multichoice Africa está aonde? Segundo a Eutelsat está nesse mesmo feixe dai a minha presunção.

    Vê por exemplo este mapa de cobertura do Supersport 3 Africa que está nesse feixe e se apanha cá perfeitamente: .

    Só se emitirem no feixe da Africa do Sul que nesse caso como não há nenhum canal ainda nesse feixe não sei se é possivel apanhar cá. Agora no feixo do sahara esse não há dúvidas que ve-se cá sem problemas.
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    Bom dia, o endereco que des-te e do hotbird 13° , no eutelsat w7 nos 36° o feixo que a zon vai usar e este .... [​IMG]
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    Esses canais da zon direccionados ao mercado africano já imitem a algum tempo nos 36ºe.

    MultiChoice Africa

    11958 V 27500 3/4
    RTP Açores - Record Internacional Europa
    TV Cine 1/2 - TV Moçambique - MTV Portugal
    National Geographic Channel Portugal - UBC TV
    AXN Portugal - RTNC
    TV Globo Internacional Europa/África
    Disney Channel Portugal - SIC Notícias

    12073 V 27500 3/4

    NTV Uganda - PFC Internacional
    Fox Portugal - Fox Life Portugal
    Fox Crime Portugal - Odisea - Max UK


    São recepcionados sem dificuldade aqui em Pt, com pratos a partir de 80 90 cm.


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    Se for esse estamos bem, pois não corresponde à realidade.
    É onde emite a Multichoice africa e apanha-se perfeitamente cá como já tinha referido.
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